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    Fondat 2009 • ISSN 2065 - 4200 Anul 14 → 2022


    ~ Violence ~

    Blood spilling all over my walls,
    My knuckles red,10 missed calls,
    My face down,looking at a red pool,
    Smiling wide,laughing like a damn fool,
    Getting up,putting my head to a door,
    Bottling up my fear,getting ready for war,
    Opening the door,clenching my teeth,
    Hearing all the screams underneath,
    Get up..looking down my wood stairs,
    Hearing a slap connect and my chair,
    I smile,rushing down with every step,
    Seeing a tiny spider fall from his own web,
    I get down,see him with my own two eyes,
    A smile appear,hearing all his shitty lies,
    I share a scream and my fist hits his face,
    His nose bleeding,my heart starts to race,
    My fists moving more,picking up the pace,
    One to his jaw,another punch to his head,
    One punch after the other,seeing only red,
    Pushing him on his back,knocking him out,
    My smile slowly growing as I leave a shout,
    Wanting them to now that I am done,
    Getting into all of that..pretty fun.

    ~ Violence ll ~

    Vision red,fists bleeding,
    Looking at him,my teeth grinding,
    I start laughing,something wierd,
    Passing something I always feared,
    My mom and sister,crying louder,
    Dad groaning in pain,yelling louder,
    Grabbing a knife,ending all the pain,
    Couldnt do it,so I let it to Vein,
    Him pushing the knife in his neck,
    Making him quiet,putting him to sleep,
    Walking,as I fall quietly,steep,
    Falling in a void,seeing all my dreams,
    Seeing all my thoughts,all my thermes,
    Crying as I fall,tears running,
    My pain falling too,a figure appearing,
    Smiling as tears appear,holding my hand,
    „I thought you as much as I could,I am not bad,but I had to,that was the only way it wouldve stick to you,I wwish you luck in the future dear friend,and more thing…I love you brother…”,
    As tears fall from his face,
    Knowing after it was him,Vein…
    Alexandru Jibleanu,
    elev clasa a XI-a, Liceul Teoretic Little London

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