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Fondat 2009 • ISSN 2065 - 4200 Anul 16 → 2024

Bitter hate

A girl so beautiful of kind
I met on streets long time behind.
She charmed my soul right from the start
And dunked in love my humble heart.
She was a frail silhouette
For no one easy to forget.
I liked her hair, her rosy cheek,
Her eyes in sun that made them blink,
Her arms and shoulders marble white,
Her waist, her dress that held it tight.
But something sinister would bite
My flesh and bones through me inside.
She stopped at me and in her eyes
I saw a flame, a gleam of ice.
And also seemed that it is like
Her look’s a deadly viper strike.
A shining smile – deceitful though –
In eyes of mine she tried to show.
But fear made me wonder if
Her smile’s a mask on face to live.
She passed along and ever since
Her shining smile with all its sins
Has put me in the right remark
With all its war, with all its dark:
– Who is behind this shining mask
A lady or a witch I ask?
She charmed me, true! And loved her straight;
She shares with me a bitter hate?
I would’ve liked for me to know
If she’s aware that it’s quite so
If she had questioned in her mind
Am I to stupid or so blind?
But the forgiveness is a chance
For every human in advance,
Remarkably, it has no bounds,
And in the ear softly sounds.
So I decided to forgive
And let my heart in a belief
That it is better to do so
Despite she hurt my spirit though.
So after all I’d like to ask,
– Who is behind that shining mask?
She charmed me, true! And loved her straight;
She shares with me a bitter hate?

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