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Fondat 2009 • ISSN 2065 - 4200 Anul 16 → 2024

What I Wish You, Sweet Romanian Land

What I Wish You, Sweet Romanian Land
Mihai Eminescu, traducere Leon Leviţchi
Publicat de Diana Cârligeanu)

What I wish you, homeland, sweet Romanian land,
Land of peerless glory and bold aspiration:
As your mightiest weapon strong and active hands,
For your past, a future worthy of our nation!
Let the wine flow freely, let the goblet sparkle
If such boons are cherished by your children true;
For the cliff shines ever though the wave may darkle,
Sweet Romanian homeland, this I wish to you.

A great dream of vengeance, black as is the grave,
And your broadsword reeking with the blood of foes;
May, above the hydra, in the breezes wave
Your great dream of glory and triumphant blows,
May tricoloured banners, far and wide unfurled,
Tell of what may happen when our mighty nation
Burns with sacred fire, tell to the whole world—
This, o sweet Romania, is my dedication.

May, therefore, Love’s angel, Peace’s go-between,
Smiling—never proudly—on mild Vesta’s shrine,
Dazzle Mars the warlike by his glorious sheen
When his lamp is flying, lighting land and brine,
On your virgin bosom may he still alight,
May he taste the blessings of the heavenly dew,
May you close embrace him, make him altars bright,
Sweet Romanian homeland, this I wish to you.

What I wish you deeply, my Romanian land,
Girt with a bride’s halo, with a mother’s love:
May your sons live ever with ill-feelings banned,
Like the gorgeous daybreak, like the stars above;
Infinite existence, glory, exultation,
The most trustful weapons, a Romanian heart,
Deeds of greatest bravery, honour and elation—
This is what I, dearest, wish you on my part!


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